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With our technical team specialized in feeding and managing livestock, we share all information about the feeding, nutrition and management of farm with valued customers and review all vital activities necessary for animals in the farms. We use current performance and product quality , blood test ,manure evalution , feed analysis (rough / concentrated), in respect to nutrient contents and antinutritional factors (e.g. mycotoxins). Based on this data, we provide a general profile of farm to farmers and give suggestions based on our general evaluation of the farm .We could also offer our pre-formulated or farm special our technology products (powder form, pellet form, liquid form premix ) to the farmers according to their special nutritional requirements.
SB Pharma is an international pharmaceutical company which is registered and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. With 21 years of experience, a wide range of products and services, backed by a strong financial structure, enabled us to grow constantly with our international clients. SB Pharma is a responsible, dynamic and open minded organization that adapts its focus to the satisfaction and changing needs of its clients. We export a wide range of products including nearly 10,000 branded and generic medicines, vaccines, OTC products, medical products, diagnostics, diet products and serving 65 countries in Europe, CIS, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Far East. We export our products to pharmaceutical wholesalers, private and public hospitals, aid organizations and for public tenders all over the world. Our product range is completely reliable and original with very competitive prices. We provide the best and fastest service for our clients. We also import branded and generic pharmaceutical products from over 70 suppliers in 27 different countries including Europe, USA, Far East and Asia for our worldwide customers since the beginning of 2013.
Agrovet Pharmaceutical Co. established in Adana with 3 founding partners in 2009 with 100% domestic capital. The main goal is supply the highest quality products to the market with the best possible price as your solution partner on animal industry. In all respects, Agrovet believes in experience and knowledge. Total human resources are 12 people which are included in the founding partners. Total academic education is 198 years with the average of 16,5 years. Within our structure there are two philosophic doctorates , 5 masters of science, 1 bachelors, 2 associate degree graduates. Total D.V.M. number is 6. Because of that Agrovet is a highly educated company. All academic degrees are in animal science and/or health. Agrovet has a high adaptive skill by its own high education level of Human Resource. The most Inexperienced partner within the Agrovet’s founders has 20 years experience in the animal production industries. Members of our Board consist of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture Engineers. The aim of this multidisciplinary structure of our Board of Members is from different sciences for to catch the synergy by to see the cases, problems and processes from different angles of animal production.
BIYOTEKNIK Chemical Industry and Trade Inc Biyoteknik Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S is an established firm which has been continuing its manufacturing activities in veterinary medicine, feed additive and pet medicine sector since the 1970s. Biyotekrik A has 25 veterinary medical product licenses. 48 types of non- medical products and 44 types of feed additives including 22 for pets are also manufactured. Biyoteknik A.S head office is in Istanbul By 2018 the second GMP certificated manufacturing facility in Kirklareli Organized Industrial Site is coming into operation together with Arnavutkoy Production facility Our Vision. Manufacturing the highest quality of products to move forward in a market progressing rapidly, reaching more consumer with our products and manufacturing new products to fulfill the needs completely. Our Mission Becoming the first choice of consumers by strengthening our trademark in Veterinary Medicine sector in the domestic and international market.
Our aim is to create value and contribute to the ongoing success of our customers. In short, we aim to earn the trust of our customers every day. Agromiks Limited is a feed additive producer company located in Kemalpasa- Izmir / Turkey. We provide in-depth technical support and guidance to all customers, on aspects of poultry, cattle,fish and equine nutrition. We are flexiable for production To meet customers' demands. We are producing our product mainly with aromatic and essential oils, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids which have been designed to increase the production efficiency,feed intake and supports immune system. For our products we use the highest quality raw materials whose effects have been scientifically proven. We aim at the highest quality in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients - veterinary doctors , farmers and feed factories in Turkey and abroad. In addition to our own production also providing to the companies contract manufacturing. There is ISO 22000, GMP and ISO 9001 at the company.
Mistav, with 25 years experience, is first of all, a company that attaches great importance to animal health. Today, Mistav looks for new agencies. Mistav manufacures a wide range of veterinary madecine and feed additive with an innovative approach for veterinary market, especially poultry, ruminants,equines and fishes. We also supply veterinary biocidal product. Mistav has reached a high quality in its manufacturing process system via performing strictly of GMP,GLP and Quality Systems being part of the international standardisation. In our facility, we use the latest technlogy to ensure that all products are manufactured too meet international standards. Our R&D department is the heart of our company and always continues its studies for better prducts. On our website, on the main page, on the bottom right corner, you can see our catalog. Special compositions for you : I would also like to let you know that we have the technology and experience to produce new compositions in line with the needs of your market. If you want a new composition ,we can manufacture special products for you. Mistav looks to the future with confidence and wish you the best satisfaction and success of healthy animals.
Dollvet has ben established in Sanliurfa Province of Turkey for the production of vaccines and antisera against viral, bacterial, parasitic and mycoplasmic diseases of livestock. The production of veterinary medicines and diagnostic kits will be realised in the near future. Dollvet has started its production activities with vaccines of great importance both in Turkey and in the Region. These are sheep and goat pox, PPR, clostridial diseases and theileriosis vaccines. The number of vaccines which we have obtained production and marketing authorisation has garadually increased to 10 so far and this number will be increased to 15 by the end of 2009. The construction of inactivated viral vaccines production building which will be built according to GMP standarts has already started. The production of FMD, rabies and upper respiratory tract disease vaccines have been planned in this building. R & D activities are of paramount importance for Dollvet and new products will be developed and marketed through these activities. The regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Turkey, requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards are your references for the Quality System established in Dollvet. Dollvet with its wide range of products, high quality of the products and R & D activities will take a respected place in this market.